Plus, Acer is making an eBike, LiveWire is coming to Europe, and Himiwayโ€™s got a new bike/scooter mashup.
Plus, Vรคssla comes to the USA, eBikes hit tipping point in Germany, and Zeway raises $29M for battery swapping.
Micromobility Europe prices increase at midnight.
Plus, Cowboy giveaway, Eunorau's 220-mile range bike, and Cake sells like hotcakes.
Plus, Giant says eBike sales are strong, UK slashes active transport budget, and New Mexico proposes subsidy.
The Amsterdam conference (June 8-9) is filling up.
Plus, Super73โ€™s motorcycle ships soon, a surf-ready BMW motorbike, and a flat-packable car.
Plus, Velotric raises $12M, Uber Eats teams with HumanForest, and Taiwanโ€™s eBike exports soar.
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New micro-EVs from Rad Power Bikes, Audi, UBCO, Segway, Ride1UP, Tenways, Xiaomi, and more.

February 2023

Plus, Lime reports profitability, eBikes buoy cycling industry's losses, and Cake launches subscriptions.
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