Like meeting Henry Ford before the Model T

This week, Germany legalizes e-scooters, New York tries to ban distracted walking, and noise pollution looms as a public health crisis, but first…

Uber. Jump. Lime. Bird.

What do these companies have in common?

  1. They’re among the fastest growing transportation companies in history.

  2. They’re all speaking at Micromobility Europe.

The next generation of Henry Fords is coming together in Berlin on Oct. 1 to make the case for why the future of transport will be electrified, connected, and shared.

And somewhere in that room will be the person who is going to figure it out, climb the S curve, transform the $15T transit industry, and put a massive dent in the 40% of carbon emissions that come from personal automobiles.

Come meet the crew that is going to revolutionize 21st-century mobility.

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What You Need to Know This Week

  • German lawmakers voted on Friday to allow e-scooters on streets and bike lanes, with Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer calling them a “genuine additional alternative for cars.” | The Telegraph

  • New York is considering fining pedestrians for texting while crossing the street. | The Guardian

  • Voi unveiled a smorgasbord of new models, including a three-wheel electric cargo bike and a scooter designed for the German market. | TechCrunch

  • Boosted skated into the e-scooter game with the powerful Boosted Rev, a “vehicle-grade vehicle” that you own instead of share. | Wired

  • The future of app-based flying electric taxis may be closer than you think, at least if Munich-based startup Lilium has anything to say about it. | CNN

  • … but it’s nowhere near as close as the future of robot farmers. Autonomous farm equipment is already starting to make its presence felt in agriculture. | Bloomberg

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