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Today we’re launching our premium Micromobility membership. We call it mmm. Think of it like AAA, only better, because instead of fixing flats, we’re building a more efficient, equitable transportation system.

We’re over the moon about mmm and think you will be too. Here’s why.

In addition to the weekly newsletter—which is free to all—subscribers who purchase a $100/year plan will receive:

  • A $50 Member Discount on passes to our twice-a-year Micromobility Conference 💰

When paired with other ticket deals like the Early Bird special, the Member Discount is the most cost-effective way to come to our events.

Don’t sweat the conversion rate if you’re planning on attending our European summit (more on that below). We’re keeping it simple with a flat €50 discount.

  • Exclusive access to mMeetup, a brand-new Q&A webcast with Horace Dediu 📡

mMeetup is a live monthly webcast for members to share pressing questions about the future of micromobility directly with our cofounder Horace Dediu. (If you aren’t familiar with Horace, check out our website.)

In a nutshell, mMeetup is like an interactive version of our podcast where members set the agenda. It works like this: Every month members are invited to submit questions, then Horace shares insights on select topics with the group in a live meeting.

Can’t make a webcast? Submit a question anyway and we’ll send you a recording afterward, free of charge.

The first mMeetup will be held later this month. Details coming soon.

  • Limited-edition Micromobility merch at events 👕

Members who come to events will get a limited-edition mmm t-shirt—aka the unofficial uniform of the 21st-century urban mobility revolution. You’ll definitely want one.

Interested in joining mmm? Click below to subscribe. You can also add your email to receive our free newsletter covering everything important in the world of micromobility.

Any questions? Hit us up: luke@micromobility.io

Did We Mention We’re Coming to Europe?

It’s true. The next stop on the Micromobility Express will be Europa. We’ll spill all the details, including the date, location, and how to buy tickets, in a special missive tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s what we can tell you:

  • When: Fall 2019

  • What: A full day of unrivaled programming, speakers, and networking opps (plus food)

  • Who: The who’s who of micromobility, who else?

  • How: Duolingo, passports, and caffeine

  • Where: Check back tomorrow to find out and be among the first to grab tickets. We only have 200 Early Bird passes. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

In Other News…

  • A new report by Bird suggests e-scooters are as safe or safer than bikes in terms of injuries per mile ridden. Relatedly, cycling movement leader Paul Steely White explains why he left Transportation Alternatives for Bird.

  • Want to help shape the future of transit? Join Innovation Days San Francisco from April 11 - 13. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and EDF are challenging students to pitch ideas related to shared scooters, dockless bikes, and micromobility services then take those ideas to prototype in 48 hours. Learn more here and use the discount code “skills” to sign up for free.

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