The three eras of micromobility

This week, Lime becomes the fastest mobility company to reach 50 million rides, Ford pioneers the self-braking shopping cart, and China’s bike town goes belly up, but first…

Rule of Threes

How fast did e-scooters take over cities? “Overnight,” according to virtually every news account in the last year or so.

While there’s no denying that the latest wave of lightweight electric vehicles did arrive suddenly, this overnight narrative has the effect of obscuring some of the salient technological, socioeconomic, and political trends that led to this moment.

In his first post in a new three-part series, Horace Dediu takes the longview of micromobility, identifying three distinct eras, which go like this:

  1. The dawn of station-based urban bike-sharing systems (led by Europe)

  2. The explosion of dockless bikes (predominantly in China)

  3. The emergence of venture-backed scooter startups (mainly in the U.S.)

Read the full article to learn—among other things—why Horace thinks the U.S. is maybe the last place one would expect the third phase of micromobility to have taken root.

And stay tuned for the next two installments in the series:

  1. Why Europe did not act as a foothold market for scooters

  2. Where we are headed with the fourth and fifth eras of micromobility (hint below)

“We are in the third ‘version’ of Micromobility… I think the sustainable business model might emerge by version 5.” - Horace Dediu


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  • Lime claims to have hit 50 million rides in the first 18 months since its launch. The same feat took Uber around four years.

  • Hoping to end the scourge of runaway grocery carts banging into cars, Ford is testing a prototype for a self-braking shopping trolley.

  • The NYT traces the changing fortunes of Wangqingtuo, China’s main bike-manufacturing city, amid the country’s turbulent bike-sharing boom.

  • Vancouver aims for two-thirds of all trips to be by foot, bike, or transit by 2030. Of the remaining vehicle trips, it wants half to be EVs.

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