It’s official: e-scooters are coming to Germany 🛴

And so are we!

Hi mobility makers,

We interrupt your regularly scheduled newsletter on cycling wars and fundraising scores to bring you a special announcement: The German parliament has voted to allow electric scooters with a max speed of 20 kilometers (12 miles) per hour on streets and bike paths 🇩🇪

Scooter-sharing companies are expected to launch battery-powered two-wheelers en masse in Germany by summer. The U.K. is now the only major European country that does not allow their use.

The rise of e-scooters around the world has sparked many questions. How quickly will lightweight electric vehicles be adopted? How large is the total addressable market? How will cities, policymakers, and investors respond?

Luckily we have a conference where we bring together experts and entrepreneurs to answer just such questions.

It’s called Micromobility Europe and it’s coming to Berlin on Oct. 1—aka at the tail-end of Germany’s v1 scooter season.

If you care about the future of transport and want to understand how small, shared mobility is going to disrupt the car, you need to be there.


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Get Reimbursed for Tickets

Many people who come to Micromobility events receive reimbursement from their companies. How? They asked.

Whether you’re developing new data-sharing tools for cities or looking for funding for your next idea, every minute of every session at Micromobility Europe will be meticulously planned to provide max value to the entrepreneurs who are building solutions for better, cleaner, more equitable cities.

To help you have the reimbursement conversation, we created a handy template email that addresses all the most commonly asked questions by managers about Micromobility Europe. Check it out here.

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