How to get reimbursed for Micromobility Europe

How joining #MME can add value at your work

Many people who come to Micromobility events receive reimbursement from their companies. How? They asked.

Whether you’re developing new data-sharing tools for cities or looking for funding for your next idea, every minute of every session at Micromobility Europe will be meticulously planned to provide max value to the entrepreneurs who are building solutions for better, cleaner, more equitable cities.

To help you have the reimbursement conversation, we created a handy template email that addresses all the most commonly asked questions by managers about Micromobility Europe. Check it out 👇

Hi [Insert first name],

I’ve found a conference in Berlin focused on the rise of lightweight electric vehicles called Micromobility Europe, and I’m writing to request your approval to make a ticket purchase.

Based on the program, I believe I’ll be able to bring back actionable insights that I can apply to our efforts to accelerate and capitalize on the unbundling of the car with micro vehicles like e-scooter and e-bikes.

You can view the event’s mission statement and agenda here.

The conference will take place over a single day, October 1. Its 18 sessions, including talks with top entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers, will offer practical knowledge on:

• How quickly micromobility will be adopted

• How large the total addressable market will be

• Which business strategies will be successful

• How capital will be allocated

• How policy will change

• How consumers will react

I think participating in this summit would especially help me on these projects:

[add project or initiative]

[add project or initiative]

[add project or initiative]

The total cost, everything, including travel and lodging, is $_____.

I’ll be sure to submit a post-conference report or write a blog post that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, and best practices.

Thank you for considering this request. I’m happy to talk with you if you’d like any further information.


[Insert your name]