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Don’t delay booking tix to Micromobility Europe

This week, Uber gets closer to its historic IPO, Barcelona dreams of becoming the world’s first “post-car” city, and Europe readies for the summer of the e-scooter, but first…

How Do You Say Early Bird in German?

Did you know our first Micromobility Europe (#MME) summit is coming to Berlin on Oct. 1? It’s true—and there are still a limited number of Early Bird tickets available.

To recap: We’re bringing the European micromobility community together for the largest event yet dedicated to the future of urban transportation. Find out everything you need to know here.

Early Bird tickets are priced at €395, less than half General Admission (€800). This is the best price that will be offered, so if you plan on coming, we advise booking your ticket now.

And while you’re at it…

Why Not Become a Member?

What a week. In addition to announcing #MME, we also launched our premium membership program, mmm (that’s triple m).

For $100/year, members enjoy all kinds of perks, including a €50 Member Discount on tickets to #MME. Combined with the Early Bird special, the Member Discount is the most cost-effective way to come to the conference.

Premium members also get exclusive access to our monthly live conference call, mMeetup, where they can pose questions about the state of mobility directly to our cofounder Horace Dediu.

The subject of April’s mMeetup will be unpacking the tectonic-plate-shifting significance of Uber’s 300-page SEC filing and what it means for micro. You won’t want to miss it.

(More info on how to participate in the first mMeetup will be coming in a members-only missive later this week.)

From the Blog

Horace makes the case that the incredibly powerful technology of computing does not reach its full potential when it is absorbed by the automobile. “Let’s not ask if the car can benefit from smartphone technologies. Let’s ask: Can the smartphone benefit from having wheels?”

Check it out here.

From Around the Web

  • European cities are gearing up for the first warm season since scooter providers arrived en masse. (Expect to hear lots more about this at #MME.)

  • Lyft-owned bikeshare operator Motivate is temporarily recalling its pedal-assist electric bikes from NY, SF, and DC due to problems with the braking system. The company’s fleet includes a total of about 3,000 e-bikes across the three cities.

  • Barcelona is pursuing one of the most ambitious plans anywhere to reclaim streets from cars. Could it possibly succeed?

  • In 2016, there were more than 6 million children in the U.S. with ongoing asthma. A new study by Citylab maps where traffic pollution hurts kids most.

  • Maybe—just possibly—you heard whispers this week that Uber took a major step toward its IPO?

    Obviously this is big news and we have a lot to say about it. We’ll have a podcast up about the S-1 filing soon, but for our full analysis, subscribe to mmm and join our first mMeetup call later this month. Here’s a taste:

Goings On

To kick off Bike Month, Mapbox is hosting a micromobility-themed happy hour at its SF office on May 1 at 5:30p PST.

Join for drinks, apps, and a lively conversation with the top minds in the micromobility industry and to discuss how we can work together to improve adoption, accessibility, and the streets in our cities. Mapbox engineers will also walk through specific best practices for building high-quality micromobility apps. RSVP here.

First come first serve, space is limited.

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