3 days left before Berlin prices increase

This week, ebikes are outselling electric cars in Europe’s biggest economy, free-floating scooters are getting docked, and next-gen Harleys are going to be as quiet as a mouse, but first…

Going, Going, Gone

Here it is. The price of tickets to Micromobility Europe is going up this Saturday, August 31, at 11:59pm PST.

If you plan on attending the Berlin summit on October 1 (and you really should), this is the time to buy. (Have you seen the lineup of speakers?)

The August Special discount—worth 30% off General Admission—is still good for 3 more days. Get it while you can.

Ticket discounts available here.

While We Have You…

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What You Need to Know This Week

  • Just when you thought the German scooter market couldn’t get any more crowded, Bird goes ahead and launches in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, and Hamburg. | Stern

  • Voi, Lime, and Tier have formed a nonprofit trade group in Scandinavia called the Nordic Micromobility Association. | Intelligent Transport

  • Hyundai has unveiled an updated prototype of its ultra-compact electric scooter, which weighs 17 pounds and is foldable. Related: as shared scooters get heavier to withstand fleet demands, look out for personal scooters to become lighter and more transportable. | Yahoo News

  • Why does the U.K. lag behind in scooter adoption? It all comes down to a law from 1835 that effectively bans the two-wheeled devices from public streets, a law that micromobility startups are fighting to change. | Forbes

  • Montreal’s Bixi, the second largest bike-sharing system in North America, is partnering with PBSC to integrate ebikes into its fleet for the first time. | Global News

  • In Germany, e-cargo bikes, which have become something of a status symbol among city-dwellers, are outselling electric cars nationally. “According to Germany’s Two-wheel Industry Association (ZIV), 39,200 electrically powered cargo bikes were sold across the country last year, compared with only 36,062 newly registered electric cars, in spite of smaller subsidies.” | Guardian

  • Bird is waiving its $1 unlock fee between the hours of 6am and 10am in Atlanta to entice more commuters to use its scooters. | Luke Beard

  • A new law in Los Angeles requires scooter users to share the lane with cars or face an almost $200 fine for riding on the sidewalk. | Curbed

  • Dockless no more. Spin is installing charging stations in D.C. to cut down on sidewalk clutter and keep its scooters juiced. | WaPo

  • … meanwhile GetCharged, a new startup led by former Lime and Voi execs, is trying to solve the same problems with recharging docks and an app that encourages people to park shared scooters in them. The company is in talks with officials in Paris, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Atlanta. | Bloomberg

  • In yet another sign that hogs are going extinct, Harley Davidson has unveiled a trio pedelec prototypes. | Forbes

  • Is the U.S.-China trade war smothering micromobility? South Carolina-based operator Gotcha has delayed two more ebike-share launches since last week, citing supply chain issues caused by tariffs on Chinese goods. The affected cities this time are Burlington, Vermont, and a suburb of Sacramento. | VT Digger + Sacramento Bee

  • … other companies are struggling with the economic uncertainty as well. QBP, one of the largest bicycle distributors in the U.S., is looking at a hiring freeze, with new tariffs on Chinese-made bike helmets and locks set to take effect this Sunday. | CNN

  • In a big win for route-planning, Google Maps now allows users to pair transit directions with biking and ride-sharing. | Venture Beat

  • First they offered to fix the potholes on our streets, now they are giving franchise owners the option to replace their pizza-delivery vehicles with ebikes. What if Domino’s is the Ford of the 21st century? | FastCo

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