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Plus, Millennials' new obsession is cars, Paris threatens e-scooter crackdown, and Ola unveils its mass-market e-moped.

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The Longview

Making shared mobility profitable

Ubiq ensures that vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand, through automating operations. By using the power of the crowd, it exploits the full potential of fleets. The StreetCrowd service matches vehicles requiring repositioning, or charging with crowd users, allowing shared mobility providers to automate operations. Simple and profitable!

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The Microview

Helbiz has launched Helbiz Kitchen. Micromobility and food delivery come together in one app to create a top-quality food experience at home with an eye for sustainability and a farm-to-table approach. Six cuisines under one roof in the heart of Milan: welcome to Helbiz Kitchen!

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  • Micromobility software startup eBikeLabs has raised over $1m in crowdfunding.

  • The case for why the USPS should adopt electric bikes, not electric cars. “Government-owned Australia Post has increased its use of e-bikes for the past six years and has noted a 100% uptick in efficiency as well as a lessened environmental impact.” 

  • British department store chain John Lewis plans to reuse car parking to build 10,000 new homes.

  • Paris, possibly the world’s largest shared micromobility market, is threatening to ban e-scooters after a reckless rider killed a pedestrian. The incident highlights the extreme precarity of a B2G business model.

  • Czech online grocer Rohik has raised nearly $120m and become a unicorn. The Series C round was led by Index Ventures.

Speed is all-important in e-commerce, a principle that a new generation of ultrafast startups is pushing to the very limits of time and space.

Fulfilling from dark stores, and often relying on electric bikes and scooters to zip through traffic, online grocers have cracked the code on how to get everything from snacks to toothpaste to customers’ doorsteps in as little as 15 minutes.

But with high cost structures and hyperlocal business models, can this vision of on-demand shipping really be scaled and sustained?

Curbivore digs into the go-go world of ultrafast delivery on a new webinar this Thursday @ 12PM PT. Register here.

  • Some key intel on how the online grocery market actually works: “Ultrafast delivery services operate out of 3,000~ square foot dark stores in urban core areas. That enables 10-15 minute delivery within their .75-1 mile service radius, as well as reducing supply chain costs and minimizing spoilage.”

  • New Zealand cycling advocates are pressing the government to extend subsidies for electric cars to e-bikes.

  • How the rise of rental e-mopeds is changing life in New York City.

  • Ola’s CEO posted a video of himself riding his firm’s long-awaited mass-market e-moped, hinting that a full launch is coming soon.

  • Interesting datapoint for understanding post-Covid commuter trends: During a 39-day subway shutdown in Glasgow in 2016, bike-share trips grew by more than 20%, and crucially, remained elevated after the trains reopened.

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