Ebike sales catching up to cars in Europe

Plus, Weezy raises $20M for on-demand groceries, Joe Biden tries to raise $20B for public transit, and cyclists fear getting doored by streateries.

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What you need to know this week

  • Estimates project that the ebike market in Europe will triple to 7-10M units per year by 2025. For reference, that is somewhere between half and two-thirds of the total number of new cars that were registered in the EU and EFTA in 2019.

  • Weezy, a British on-demand supermarket that delivers groceries within 15 minutes, raised $20M in a Series A round led by Left Lane Ventures. Platforms like Weezy are attempting to reverse-engineer a delivery-based version of the 15-minute city in which everything a person might need can be brought to them in about a quarter hour.

  • President-elect Joe Biden is offering $20B for public transit, or about 1% of the $1.9T Covid relief bill he plans to push through Congress in the first days of his administration.

  • Cyclists are worried about getting doored by streateries.

  • If you’re active on Mobility Twitter, then you probably know the debate about whether shared scooter and bikes are actually “green” can be contentious. This Thursday on Zoom, Amy Lewin, deputy editor of Sifted, will convene a great mix of entrepreneurs and regulators—including the founders of Voi and Beryl—for an important conversation about how micromobility startups are working to decarbonize their operations and, in doing so, boost the sustainability of cities. Register here.

  • Ford, Bosch, and Trek are collaborating with Michigan-based Tome Software on a new safety technology that will allow bikes, e-scooters to “talk” to cars using Bluetooth 5. While this technology sounds interesting, bear in mind this same consortium has been touting the idea since at least 2018.

  • Israeli ride-hailing startup Gett raised $115M in a round led by Pelham Capital Investments.

  • Renault’s plans for the future include seven new EVs and a new division called Mobilize, devoted to car-sharing, ride-hailing, and vehicle-charing. Among the new additions, the automaker teased a 7.5-foot-long pod intended for sharing in dense urban areas.

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